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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Enjoy a few random VD links in the selection below…

Links covering the week of February 7 – 14, 2012*

Self Love

-Misty is participating in the Months of Letters Challenge.  Here’s her Week 1 progress plus a related Hawaiʻi book recommendation!  She’s still looking for people to receive letters from her.  Inquire within…  [Hawaii Book Blog]

-It’s February!  That means Black History Month…and also President’s Day.  Read our post celebrating both of these events in Hawaiʻi with mucho book recommendations.  [HBB]

-It took me long enough, but I share my Book Blogger Swap 2011 gifts with you!  See what I got for Christmas!  [HBB]

Hawaii Literary

-A nice interview with poet and Tinfish Press editor, Susan Schultz.  She talks a bit about her new book of poetry, Memory Cards.  [Honolulu Weekly]

-Filling the Creative Well.  A guest blog post by local author Toby Neal (Blood Orchids).  [bornstoryteller]

-The author of The Descendants, Kaui Hart Hemmings, writes an article: “Setting the Scene for ‘The Descendants’.”  [Wall Street Journal]

-Interview with Richard Tillotson, Author of Acts of God While On Vacation.  [seattle pi]

-Look Forward to These Don’t Look Back readings.  Post includes excerpts from the book by contributors Darien Gee (Mia King) and editor Christine Thomas.  [Watermark Publishing Blog]

-Hamilton Library presents HamSlam: slam poetry sessions.  [University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa]

-Famed Star Trek alumnus and overall awesome fellow George Takei writes a thank you letter to Watermark Publishing.  Check out his flawless script work!  [Facebook]

-A wonderful historical resource:  The Polynesian Voyaging Society Archives are now online.  View an amazing amount of scanned documents, books, photographs and more; organized by category.  [hookele.org]

-Quickie blog review of Alan Brennert’s Molokaʻi.  [Book Buzz]

-Another blog review; this one about The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings. [Tracey Cordle]

-HTFG donates new books to Kona, Hilo libraries.  [Hawaii 24/7]

-HPU hosts annual writing workshops with award-winning writer Tyler McMahon.  March 3.  [Hawaii Pacific University]

-Magic club to give free lessons on sleight of hand at Kalihi-Palama Public Library on the 23rd.  [Hawaii News Network]

General Literary

-Police Sketches of Literary Characters.  Check out Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre.  Misty hates this depiction of him, which makes me laugh.  I think he kind of looks like the villain from the film No Country For Old Men. [GalleyCat]

-Are We Suffering from eReader Fatigue? Yes, No, and Maybe So.  Local author Toby Neal quoted in article.  [HuffPost Books]

-Perfect literary match:  Beers & Bookshops.  [Shelf Awareness]

-Pinterest is the latest social media craze (especially for women).  Here are some Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers!  [GalleyCat]

-This week’s Literary Mixtape are for those star-crossed lovers of Shakespeare’s:  Romeo & Juliet.  Happy V-D!  [Flavorwire]

-And on that note… Books You Shouldn’t Give Your Valentine.  [Flavorwire]

-The only problem with chick-lit is the name.  [Beattie's Book Blog]

-10 Worst Mistakes That Authors of Alternate History Make.  [io9]

-Fall in Love with a Good Book. [Library Displays]

-Game of Thrones Valentine’s Day Cards. [next round]

-The Very Best Books for Every Travel Destination (Hawaii included).  [2 Eyes Watching]

-Vendors say sales remain strong at San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print & Paper Fair 2012.  [Antique Trader]


-The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day.  [NPR]

-Just in time for Valentine’s Day…. The 50 Greatest Love Songs of All Time.  [Nerve]

-Don’t have anyone on Valentine’s Day?  These celebrities are here to hit on YOU!  [Team COCO]

-A raw beef bouquet for me on Valentine’s Day?  I love you!  [Gizmodo]

-Found hearts on adorable animals.  All in time for…you guessed it…Valentine’s Day.  [Cute Overload]

-Fun new app reveals your Twitter Crush.  [Mashable]

-Here’s Arguably The Greatest Video Valentine Ever.  A mashup of movie characters saying the lyrics to Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do.”  [UPROXX]

-6 Pop Culture Mysteries That Were Solved by Fans.  [Cracked]

-Adorable Puppy Rescue Has Happy Ending, Goes Viral. [Mashable]

-Ranking All 120 College Football Stadiums Heading Into 2012.  Aloha Stadium comes in at #47!  [Bleacher Report]

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