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  • Celebrate 35 Years with Bamboo Ridge Press


    Bamboo Ridge Press has been an institution in the local literary world for the past thirty-five years, spanning 104 issues sharing the work of over 900 different authors. Every year, the publisher releases two volumes: one anthology and a single-author collection or book. For the 35th anniversary issue–an anthology–Eric Chock and Darrell Lum begin transitioning Bamboo Ridge for the future, doing so with the help of guest editors Lisa Linn Kanae and Lee Cataluna.

    Opening the book are the Editor’s Choice Awards picks. Christy Passion’s poetry kicks off the collection with a lingering bang and fizzle. Her poems read of loss, both literal in possession and figurative in dreams and expectation. Though the feel is often melancholy, her use of words and imagery are sharp and jarring, like “the slap of metal zippers hitting the dryer door.” Best Prose choice, Kevin Won continues with “Daniel 12.3,” a funny and charming tale from the perspective of a “Rain Man” like boy who can see physics equations solving in the air, but can’t see his mother’s face. It is both scientific, frightening, and heartwarming.

    In between is a nice portrait of weaver Ruthadell Anderson whose works adorn some of Hawaii’s most notable art museums and public spaces. Included are glossy, color photographs of some of her favorite work.

    The rest of Issue #104 reads of some of the best names in literary local writing. R. Zamora Linmark feeds us his unyielding stream including a raucous take on a Filipina ‘The Help;’ Juliet Kono’s protagonist decries the loss and reclamation of her name; Lanning Lee delights with some “Amish Friendship Bread Starter;” Tyler Miranda get the Pidgin-kine ads, Cathy Song violently lamenting those damn crowing roosters, Gary Pak taking the reader on a Korean cultural tag-along; Lee Tonouchi’s storytelling with the ukubillion funny lines; and so much more from the likes of Joe Tsujimoto, Frances Won, Kahikahealani Wight, Wing Tek Lum, Normie Salvador, Joseph Stanton, Amalia Bueno, and on and on.

    There’s a section highlighting the best of Bamboo Shoots (try write and this could be you!) featuring upcoming writers Donald Carreira Ching, Richard Melendez and Terri Nakamura. And the collection ends naturally with some exciting new writing from our editors! Of course, don’t forget to look out on page 152 to see a short local take on ‘The Breakfast Club’ by our very own Misty.

    Be sure to help celebrate 35 years with Bamboo Ridge Press by purchasing the book (link below) for only $18 and also by attending one of the many fantastic readings that will be happening starting tomorrow (Sunday) and lasting through the week. Details are below.

    Bamboo Ridge Issue #104
    edited by Eric Chock, Darrell H.Y. Lum, Lee Cataluna, Lisa Linn Kanae
    Bamboo Ridge Press, 2014
    Softcover, 280 pages
    ISBN: 978-0-910043-90-8

    Bamboo Ridge 35th Anniversary Issue Events

    Bamboo Ridge Issue #104 Preview Party
    Sunday, November 16, 2PM at Native Books Hawaii -
    Free and Open to the Public. Free Parking at Ward Warehouse.
    Featured readers:

    • Lanning C. Lee
    • Prana Joy Mandoe
    • Wing Tek Lum
    • Joseph Stanton
    • Kahikahealani Wight
    • Frances Won

    M.I.A. presents 35 Years of Bamboo Ridge Press
    Monday, November 17, 7:30pm. Fresh Cafe’s Loft in Space (831 Queen St.)
    Free and open to the public.
    Featured readers:

    • Frances Won
    • Kevin Won
    • Misty-Lynn Sanico
    • Richard Melendez
    • Eric Paul Schaffer
    • Donald Carreira Ching

    From Roots to Shoots, a Wine & Words Fundraiser for Bamboo Ridge Press
    Tuesday, November 18. 7PM at Manoa Valley Theatre

    • Bamboo Ridge Press founding editors Eric Chock and Darrell Lum
    • BAMBOO RIDGE Issue #104 guest co-editor Lisa Linn Kanae
    • Editors’ Choice Award winners Connie Pan, Christy Passion, and Kevin Won
    • Bamboo Shoots coordinator Lanning C. Lee
    • Buckaloose Gang members Donald Carreira Ching, Richard Melendez, and Misty-Lynn Sanico
    • Da Pidgin Guerilla Lee A. Tonouchi
    • AND Brenda Kwon, previewing her upcoming collection, THE SUM OF BREATHING

    Out Loud in the Library presents Bamboo Ridge #104 Readers
    Thursday, November 20, 5:30PM at Windward Community College Library
    Free and open to the public.
    Suggested donation: $50.00. Call 626.1481 for tickets
    Featured authors:

    • Donald Carreira Ching
    • Richard Melendez
    • Misty-Lynn Sanico
    • Joseph Stanton
    • Kevin Won

    Bamboo Ridge #104 Authors at Leeward Community College
    Friday, November 21, 12:00PM at LCC’s Student Lounge
    Free and open to the public.
    Featured readers:

    • Donald Carreira Ching
    • Elmer Omar Pizo
    • Eric Paul Shaffer
    • Kahikahealani Wight
    • Frances Won

  • Watermark Publishing’s GIVABLE Gift Baskets

    Kau Kau Cuisine gift set

    Kau Kau Cuisine gift set

    Are you looking for that perfect present for the holidays? Watermark Publishing just might have what you are looking for.

    Watermark is known locally for the production value they put into their books, and these special gift sets–available at Holiday Prices at the HBPA Book & Gift Sale this Saturday, November 15–are no exception. We really appreciate how they make book-reading and book-buying an experience. Here’s a spotlight on two of their newest gift sets featuring a couple of their latest books.

    First is the Kau Kau “Jus’ Add Rice” gift set (pictured above) which includes:

    The “Jus’ Add Rice” gift set will sell for $45, but $40 at the Holiday Sale price. There is also a Deluxe edition of this gift set, which includes all of the above AND the original Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands for $75 regular and $65 Holiday Sale price.

    Next is The Hawaiian Survival Handbook gift set, which includes the new book by Brother Noland, as well as his “Greatest Hits, Vol. 2″ CD which is not available in stores (only on iTunes or sold at concerts). This set is selling for $25.

    In addition to these new gift sets, Watermark will also have available at the sale and online some of their classic gift sets which at minimum include a Cane Haul Road towel and one of the following books:

    You can find more info on these gift sets at Watermark Publishing.

    These gift sets and more will be available at the HBPA Holiday Book & Gift Fair, this Saturday, November 15 at the Bess Press Warehouse.

  • New books from Mutual and BeachHouse for Fall 2014

    This Saturday is the Hawaii Book Publisher Association’s Holiday Book Fair, and in anticipation of this sale we wanted to highlight some of the new books coming out from Mutual Publishing and BeachHouse Publishing.

    Mutual Publishing cookbooks 2014

    Known for their wide array of cooking books, this fall brings no less than three great new additions to your kitchen library.

    Hawaii Cooks: An Okinawan Kitchen by Grant Sato is a collection of recipes inspired by Sato’s grandmother who taught him how to cook. Whether you’re looking to delve deep into your own roots and culture or are just looking for some new ideas to cook up, you’ll find something to fulfill everyone’s tastebuds.

    Cooking Hawaiian Style by Lanai Tabura and Frank Abraham. The interesting thing about this book are the multitude of local personalities who contribute their own personal and family recipes to this collection. Go cook ‘em!

    Hawaii Cooks: A Portuguese Kitchen by Wanda A. Adams. Similar to An Okinawan Kitchen, this books delves deep into the local influence of the Portuguese on Hawaii and its culture. From Bacalhao Stew to Vinha D’ahlos, it all looks so mouth-watering delicious!

    Mutual Publishing keiki books 2014

    Uncle’s Magic Thrownet by Todd Yamashita, illustrated by Jamie Meckel Tablason. Set in the warmth of the Hawaiian islands, generosity, conservation, intergenerational learning, and discovery are all shared in this new classic fishing tale. Jamie Meckel once again brings her beautiful brush to keiki literature.

    Slippers in Hawaii illustrated by Jamie Meckel Tablason. Here’s another Meckel book, showing her range and talent. She does a great job visualizing this adorable book; similar to her work in one of our all-time favorite board books.

    Gecko One and Gecko Two in Hawaii, illustrated by Jon J. Murakami. Continuing the highly successful Gecko series of BeachHouse board books, this entry focuses on friendship. If you’re a fan of Murakami’s other illustrated gecko books, you’re bound to enjoy this one.

    Alphabet Hukilau in Hawaii by Vera Arita, illustrated by Mariko Merritt. This is a fun keiki book to help young ones both learn the alphabet and discover the fascinating creatures of the ocean. Merritt’s layered, cut-out illustrative style lends itself to the fun and whimsy of the book.


    Hawaii’s Animals Wildlife, text and photographs by H. Douglas Pratt. If you enjoy close-up photography of natural wildlife, this book is for you! Visually cataloging the range of Hawaii’s fauna, this book would make a great coffee table companion.

    A Pocket Guide to Hawaii’s Wildlife by H. Douglas Pratt. Pratt once again delves into our local wildlife scene with this nifty pocket guide book. More verbose than the previous book, this both provides a useful reference with not only great photography, but illustrations of animal by Pratt himself.

    A Pocket Guide to Pearl Harbor and Ford Island Historic Military Sites by Meloni Courtway with Chris Cook. The title says it all. This is a guidebook more than anything, and provides a ton of useful information on visiting these historic military sites from planning your day to breakdowns of all the areas of interest.

    Maui, A History by Cummins E. Speakman, Jr. This new edition to the classic book takes the history of the island up to 2013. Revealing all the major events and people in the island’s life, this book is a must-have for anyone who loves learning about the past and loves the valley isle.

  • 2014 Hawaii Book Publishers Holiday SALE!

    After the loss of BORDERS Bookstores and the recent closing of the Kahala Mall Barnes & Noble, there are fewer opportunities to properly peruse through the latest Hawai’i books. Even at the Hawai’i Book and Music Festival it’s hard to get a grasp on all the different titles that are being published locally. Well, the Hawaii Book Publishers Association is hosting a pop-up warehouse sale where you can explore the latest and greatest in local literature. It’s a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with books and gifts from publishers small and large, all in one place!

    This is the perfect opportunity to support local literature, start your holiday shopping, AND contribute to a good cause since a portion of sales benefits Aloha Harvest; donations of nonperishable canned food may be dropped off during sale hours.

    In the next couple of weeks, we’ll feature some of our favorite picks from this year’s new releases and do some give-aways, so keep an eye out!

    2014 HBPA Holiday Sale

    Participating publishers include:
    plus art & gift items from Native Books/ Na Mea Hawaii, and much more!
    We wouldn’t miss this one… maybe we’ll see you there! ;)

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