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As overheard on Twitter (paraphrased): “Geek Alert:  Sarah Vowell is coming to Hawaii!”

Fans of NPR’s radio show “This American Life” know Sarah Vowell’s distinct voice and enlightening opinions.  Kids might recognize her as being the voice of Violet in Disney/Pixar’s brilliant animated film, The Incredibles.  Readers have followed her exploits around America through books like Assassination Vacation, The Wordy Shipmates, and most recently, Unfamiliar Fishes—Vowell’s meandering spin on 19th century Hawaiian history.

And now, after spending countless hours, days and weeks researching in Hawaiʻi incognito, Sarah Vowell will be returning to Oʻahu for all her adoring public to enjoy.  I admit, I am a fan of hers, and have been so since first reading Assassination Vacation. Combining U.S. Presidents AND an American road-trip—that’s my dream come true!!  Naturally, I am extremely excited to see her in person for the first time.  Lucky for us, she will be sitting in multiple sessions this Sunday at the Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival (HBMF):

On Sunday, May 15, 11:00 A.M., Sarah Vowell will be at the Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities Pavilion on a panel discussing the topic of “Revising History” along with author and documentarian Tom Coffman (See: Nation Within), John Rosa and Noelani Arista.  Last year I sat in on a similar panel that included Coffman and Rosa, and it was extremely informative.  It’ll be interesting to see Sarah Vowell’s take on these issues with some of Hawaiʻi’s finest historians.

At 1:00 P.M. that same day, Sarah Vowell will have the podium to herself in the Mission Memorial Auditorium.  Aside from a great way to get out of the hot sun (or pouring rain), this will be our chance to enjoy the unchecked musings and lessons from Vowell that many others in the country have already had the pleasure to experience.  If you’re coming just to hear Vowell speak, this is probably the session for you.

I can only imagine that the HBMF will also tap Sarah Vowell for a one-hour book signing sometime that same day.  Typically authors will move to the Barnes & Noble Tent for a 30-minute to 1-hour book signing after one of their sessions.  My guess is that her signing would be either at 12:00 P.M. in between her two sessions, or at 2:00 P.M., after her auditorium presentation.  We’ll try our best to get you this information on Twitter or Facebook first thing in the morning!

So Sarah Vowell fans in Hawaiʻi, spread the word!  This is your chance to see to meet her in person and hear her speak live at the 6th Annual Hawaiʻi Book & Music Festival.

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