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-HBB’s Misty was recently featured in a great profile written by Richard Melendez for [INhonolulu Magazine]

-Misty reviews Darien Gee’s (aka Mia King) new novel The Avalon Ladies Scrapbook Society. [Honolulu Star-Advertiser] *requires subscription

-5 Things I Learned at the 2013 SCBWI Hawaii Conference. [HBB]

-We review We Go Jam: Celebrating Our Music, Our Soundscape, Our Hawaiʻi. [HBB]

-Jack London is Dead: Contemporary Euro-American Poetry of Hawaii book review. [HBB]

Hawaii Literary

-University of Hawaii Press is holding (The Second) Five Dollar Friday sale…this Friday (March 8)! [UH Press]

-Books about the origins of Hawaii. [HONOLULU Mag]

-Memminger’s Aloha, Lady Blue goes through [The Page 69 Test]

-A scan of a review of The Bible or Ka Baibala Hemolele. [Mutual Pub]

-Kauai’s WWII Veterans Honored. Read more about them in Kauai Stories book. [Kauai.com]

-Author Frances Kakugawa, who’s written books on caregiving and Alzheimer’s, responds to two controversial statements on these issues. [Frances Kakugawa's Blog]

-The latest from Linda Nagata: A new short story in Asimov’s. [Hahvi.net]

-Author tells true Hawaiian Love Story in The Kahuna and I. [BWW Books]

-The latest island mystery novel from R. Barri Flowers, Murder in Honolulu: A Skye Delaney Mystery, is out. [R. Barri Flowers]

-Help share the art and community of Pow Wow, a contemporary art movement in Hawaii, with the rest of the world. They’re looking for funding to make a film and… drumroll… a book! [Kickstarter]

General Literary

-2012 National Book Critics Circle Award winners announced. [Shelf Life]

-Seven Tips from F. Scott Fitzgerald on how to write fiction. [Open Culture]

-Also…David Foster Wallace’s syllabi skills. [Open Culture]

-The art of book browsing. Are we losing it? [New Yorker]

-What Is a Poem? Coleridge on Science vs. Romance, 1817 [brain pickings]

-What was the first novel ever written on a word processor? [Slate]

-‘Iliad’ publication date revealed by geneticists. [Page Views]

-Eat This: Book Cakes! [Book Riot]

-David Ulin on a lifetime of collecting books. [LA Times]

-10 Redesigned Book Covers That Are Actually Better Than the Iconic Versions. [Flavorwire]

-50 unseen Rudyard Kipling poems discovered. One example included here. [the guardian]

-Bring Back the Illustrated Book! Where are our modern classics w/ illustrations in the vein of Alice in Wonderland and Huck Finn. [The New Yorker]

-Ten qualities you must have to succeed as an indie author. [How to Successfully Self Publish]

-10 1/2 Favorite Reads from TED Bookstore 2013. [brain pickings]

-Author of Molokai and Honolulu, Alan Brennert’s latest novel is Palisades Park. [AlanBrennert.net]

-How do you market multicultural books to librarians, and ultimately kids? Just bring it. [CBC Diversity]

Non-Lit Links

-Working near the airport, I was sad to see Byron’s close. Here’s some instagram slides and talk about the (at the time) upcoming last day. [Nonstop Honolulu]

-The Worst Lies That Mainstream Nutrition Has Told You. [io9]

-Opposition crops up to GMO foods in Hawaii. [Al Jazeera]

-I’m a pie kind of guy, so I appreciate things like Cat Toth searching for the best pies in Hawaii. Got a rec? Give her a shout-0ut! [The Cat Dish]

-36 Reasons “Happy Endings” Is The Best Show On TV. [BuzzFeed]

-Inside the Spaz’s Studio: Jake Johnson on Nick Miller’s (New Girl) Craziest Moves (GIFs!) [Vulture]

-Vulture is also doing a Sitcom Smackdown for Best Sitcom of the last 30 years. But with no Parks & Rec in the tourney, I must cast my aspersions! [Vulture]

-16 Awesomely Bad Movies Available on YouTube Right Now. [FilmDrunk]

-For Nerds in Training: A Star Wars Family Tree. [Unreality]

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