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Links covering the week of January 23 – January 30, 2012*


-Misty finds seven great ways on the Internet to create DIY Valentine’s Day Bookmarks. [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-Hawaiian word: Heke = Best, greatest.  Ke ʻākoakoa nei nā heke o ke Kuʻikahi Pōpeku Aupuni ma Oʻahu.  [ʻŌlelo of the Day]

Hawaiʻi Literary

-Hawaii author Richard Tillotson’s latest novel, Acts of God While on Vacation, will be going on a blog tour from Feb. 6 to Feb. 29.  [Literarily Speaking]

-A Conversation with [local poet] Janine Oshiro.  [Lantern Review Blog]

-Mentions of the UH Press book, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory, around the Web.  [UH Press Blog]

-The Descendants: Interview With Author Kaui Hart Hemmings.  [Glamour]

-Reading the Oscars: The book and short story that inspired ‘The Descendants’.  Reviewer ultimately recommends skipping the book and reading the short story ‘The Minor Wars’ for which the novel is based upon.  [EW]

-Use Your Garden to Create Positive Energy in Your Home.  Tips from Feng Shui in Hawaiʻi Gardens author, Clear Englebert.  [Watermark Blog]

-Puss Reboots reviews the new history tale, Lost Kingdom by Julia Flynn Siler.  [Puss Reboots]

-Robert “Lucky” Luck talking story about the ʻawa dog. Narrative with music. (1961)  [YouTube]

-Go see the Kumu Kahua Theatre production of Lois-Ann Yamanaka’s debut book, Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre.  [Broadway World]

-Honolulu is ranked 19th in CCSU’s annual “America’s Most Literate Cities” rankings.  [CCSU.edu]

General Literary

-Here’s some books you may want to read this year, ‘The 10 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2012.’  [HuffPost Books]

-Read like your author idols…’Your Favorite Authors’ Favorite Books of All Time.’  [Flavorwire]

-Melville House offers rookie first-time kids author biggest deal ever.  If you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak…watch right now!  [Melville House]

-How to rescue books on Goodreads.  After January 30th, they will no longer be using id info from Amazon, and in a few rare cases, your book may disappear.  I already rescued a few local books!  [GalleyCat]

-Jonathan Franzen: e-books are damaging society.  [The Telegraph]

-Jama helps you celebreate The Year of the Dragon with these fine children’s book reads.  [jama's alphabet soup]

-Barnes & Noble, Destroyer of Indie Bookstores, Is Now Printed Books’ Last Great Champion.  [NYMag]

-The Fifty Most Quoted Lines in Poetry. [Inky Fool]

-10 Legendary Bad Girls of Literature.  [Flavorwire]

-January’s almost over, have you read any of these?  ’2012 Books: 10 Best January Reads.’  [HuffPost]

-This guy takes sandwiches and scans the inside half of them.  I put this here, because yes, there is a book out.  [Scanwiches]

-Oscars’ big winners will be books.  ”It’s the first time for quite a while – conceivably since 1940 – that versions of two novels by women have been listed for the most coveted Oscar.” [the guardian]

Off-Topic Fun & Interests

-Ever wanted to know what scientists really mean in their research papers?  Here’s a handy table to decode these phrases.  [io9]

-An interview with the developer of Microsoft Flight, a new iteration of their Flight Sim series that will be free to download.  The game is initially set in Hawaii!  [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

-1,000 reasons we ♥ Instagrammers.  [Now. Here. This.]

-City-Shaped Design: 13 Urban-Inspired Objects. [web urbanist]

-In-depth analysis (and plenny pix) in the battle between KFC Popcorn Chicken vs. McDonald’s new Chicken McBites.  [Tasty Island]

-Finding the Hawaii of ‘The Descendants’.  [Itineraries]

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