I know it’s a little early, but I wanted to send this out with plenty of time before Valentine’s. It’s a holiday that takes a pretty brutal beating by the cynics but I love Valentine’s Day with all the pretty colors and hearts. I love books too, so naturally I was drawn to all these cute and crafty page savers. They’re perfect for school festivities or giving to coworkers. Maybe even a fun activity for a bookclub! I numbered them and put links at the bottom to their original sites where you can find more pictures, material lists, printables and instructions.

If your sweetheart is a bibliophile you could make and give them a bookmark everyday for a week! Better yet buy seven books (Hawaii books!), write something lovely on the first page, and make the seven bookmarks to put in each one. Then again, who says your Valentine has to be a sweetheart? I give Valentines to my parents and siblings every year and I know Alex would dig the seven books with seven bookmarks gift. Everyone can use a bookmark or twenty, right?



Have fun!!