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Links covering the week of February 15 – 20, 2012*


-We do a keiki book review!  This one is for Jenniffer Welliver’s picture book, That’s NOT What Grandpas Are For, illustrated by Stacy Comer.  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-We also review a new book out by local feng shui expert Clear Englebert entitled Feng Shui for Hawaiʻi Gardens.  [HBB]

Hawaii Literary

-Sunrise talks with Julia Flynn-Siler, the author of a new national book, Lost Kingdom Hawaii’s Last Queen, The Sugar Kings and America’s First Imperial Adventure.  This is a video interview.  [Hawaii News Now]

-Hollywood ate my novel: Novelists reveal what it’s like to have their book turned into a movie.  First up:  Kaui Hart Hemmings.  [The Independent]

-Kailua Poet Garners HPU’s James M. Vaughan Award.  [Midweek]

-Coming Soon:  Double Rainbow Paina Book Signing: benefitting Hawaii Literacy!  [Facebook]

-If you haven’t seen it yet, the Hawaii State Public Library got a snazzy new redesign!  Like it?  Love it?  [LibrariesHawaii.org]

-Check out this video of a reading by author Frances H. Kakugawa.  She reads from her new memoir, KAPOHO: Memoir of a Modern Pompeii.  [YouTube]

-Congratulations to Chef Alan Wong and Watermark Publishing.  Their book, The Blue Tomato, is a 2012 IACP Award finalist in the Chefs and Restaurants category.  [Eater]

-Video Interview with Kaui Hart Hemmings.  [TV Guide]

General Literary

-Charts and Diagrams Drawn by Famous Authors.  [Flavorwire]

-Famous Authors’ Unlikely Obsessions.  [Flavorwire]

-Author publishes book as Facebook Photo Album.  [GalleyCat]

-friday feast: the president’s stuck in the bathtub by susan katz and robert neubecker. [Jama's Alphabet Soup]

-What Would Agatha Christie have thought of Downton Abbey?  [Book Club Girl]

-Sh*t Book Reviewers Say.  [YouTube]

-The Hunger Games gets Lana Del Rey parody.  [GalleyCat]

-Next Time, Try ‘Unflagging’.  [New York Times]

Non-Literary Links

-Dog Football! Which Breeds Are Best Suited For The Gridiron?  [SB Nation]

-Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ Recreated With Movie Clips.  [UPROXX]

-Today (Monday), would have been Kurt Cobain’s 45th birthday.  Here are ’20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kurt Cobain.’  [Pigeon and Planes]

-First off, I am a pre-Linsanity Knicks fan.  So, welcome to the bandwagon.  The puns and press have gotten a bit out of hand, but here’s a collage of every Jeremy Lin pun headline.  [Best Week Ever]

-Also, a video interview with Jeremy Lin from Knicks Now if you actually are into basketball.  [Knicks Now]

-Only just saw this now:  New York City in 1999… in HD!  Sad to see the WTC, but really cool to see pre-9/11 New York in High Def.  [YouTube]

-They Might Be Giants sing a song about my favorite President.  [YouTube]

-Presidents Day reality check: Abraham Lincoln was robbed.  [LA Times]

-Abraham Lincoln art.  [Tumblr]

-What It’s Like Being President, Metaphorically Speaking by Marco Kaye.  [McSweeney]

-A look at presidents and their pets over the years.  [Cleveland.com]

-For Presidents’ Day 2012, a list of presidential trivia, factoids and miscellany. [All Voices]

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