Poem In Your Pocket (Hawaii Edition)

The Argument

by Maryann

I cannot write a villanelle
My words buck at such a structure
I argue, fight with myself.

I read and read the examples,
pull out pen and paper. Yet
I cannot write a villanelle.

Mere doodles end up on the page
Where words should appear and flow
I argue, fight with myself.

I feel backed into a corner.
I cannot run and hide. Yet
even with the pressure,
I cannot write a villanelle.

So I shall put my arguments
down, and hope this will suffice.
I cannot write a villanelle
And tire of arguing, fighting with myself.

This poem was published in the Hawaiʻi Review Editor's Blog as part of an e-chapbook entitled WHEA YOU FROM…WHEA YOU GOING, which was produced by the residents of TJ Mahoney & Associates, a community reentry program in Honolulu.

Maryann was born in Phoenix, Arizona--a child of the desert now transplanted in paradise. She is from years behind razor wire with few outlets of expression, save for writing. She is a resident at Ka Hale Hōala Hou No Nā Wahine, a residential facility for women making the successful transition from prison back to our communities. Her dream is to continue sharing her thoughts and stories, and to reach far and wide.

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