Today, March 6th is World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)! Celebrate by reading books aloud to friends and family, or donate some books to your local library.

Here are a few recent keiki books that are fun to read out loud. We’ve chosen these because of their rhythmic text and creative use of words and sounds. Pick up a few of these, or anything you find interesting, and share a book today!


Maka the Music Maker by Shannon Scott (Beachhouse Publishing)

  • This book about a boy who loves to jam on his ukulele has repetitive sounds and rhymes that will get stuck in your head. The books is based on a song so the story naturally has a musical quality to it that’s fun to share out loud. It also comes with a CD (dancing not required but encouraged).

Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozers!  by Frances Kakugawa (Watermark Publishing)

  • The Wordsworth books are stories with poems included. These poems are written by the main character, a poet mouse named Wordsworth. The poems are lyrical and expressive, usually reinforce the message of the book. This one in particular is great because it not only exposes children to poetry but also encourages them to take an interest in the environment.

The Musubi Man Chronicles three books by Sandi Takayama (Bess Press)

  • These books are fantastic to read out loud because of the different voices you can do as the Musubi Man and his friends. Plus, their funny antics are easily exaggerated through pace and tone. These silly stories are a local favorite!