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-April is National Poetry Month!  Here are seven ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month here in Hawaiʻi.  [Hawaiʻi Book Blog]

-Aloha Airlines shut its doors four years ago on March 31.  In honor of that, here’s a review of Jocelyn Fujii’s Stories of Aloha: Homegrown Treasures of Hawaiʻi.  [HBB]

Hawaii Literary

-Check out this video: The Evolution of Freediving and History of Spearfishing in Hawaiʻi by Sonny Tanabe.  [YouTube]

-Help raise money for local author Everett Peacock’s next novel…and maybe get written into it!  [Kickstarter]

General Literary

-Getting Published Is Easy: Have Your Parents Do It For You.  [io9]

-C.S. Lewis on Writing.  [Letters of Note]

-The Literary Canon Is Still One Big Sausage Fest.  [Jezebel]

-Sunday Diversion: Writer Habits.  [BookRiot]

-Check Out a Series of Hunger Games PSAs.  [College Humor]

-Michael Crummey’s top 10 literary feuds. [the guardian]

-To #%&* or Not to #%&*: profanity in middle grade fiction.  [From the Mixed Up Files...]

-The Dos and Don’ts of Novel Ending.  [Writer's Digest]

-World’s First ‘Edible’ Cookbook. [TAXI]

-Celebrate National Poetry Month with Jama’s 2012 Alphabet Soup Poetry Potluck Menu and Giveaway.  [Jama's Alphabet Soup]

-John Grisham’s Favorite Mistake: Giving Away First Editions. [Daily Beast]

-Do you need a Facebook page as an author?  [The Other Side of the Story]

-From Dr. Seuss to Dostoevsky: A literary guide for the new parent.  [PageViews]

Non-Literary Links

-Cool, but sad video:  Aloha Airlines story.  [Vimeo]

-Hey, it’s a pretty funny Twitter late night bit! #CONAN [UPROXX]

-Beatles 2.0? These 15 Fab YouTube Covers Could Have Them Beat.  [Mashable]

-Stop Panicking About Bullies says Nick Gillespie.  [Wall Street Journal]

-50 Graphical Breakdowns Of Our Favorite Rap Songs.  [UPROXX]

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