Join Bamboo Ridge at the Hawaii Book & Music Festival Author Pavilion this Saturday, May 5th at 11:00 am to celebrate the 100th Issue!

This year, instead of just reading, there will be a chance for the audience to participate, if they want of course, in Bamboo Ridge’s Flash Fiction Contest. It’s a tribute to the successful monthly 100 Word Challenge that was sponsored on their website throughout 2011. You will have 4 minutes to write 100 words or less on one of the 4 randomly selected themes from the first Bamboo Ridge Issue.

There will lots of authors from Issue #100 there participating as well including: Ann Inoshita, Lisa Linn Kanae, Jean Toyama, Donald Carreira Ching, and even yours truly. 🙂 The audience will be encouraged to write their own entries and they can post them in the BR booth at the festival or online. It’ll be fun!

So come on down and work those creative muscles with some flash fiction prompts. Hopefully it will inspire you to participate online as well! Check it out monthly at Bamboo Shoots or follow Bamboo Ridge on Facebook for updates on their writing challenges and submissions.