There’s something to be said for the simple things in life. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most, and the humblest of gifts are better than the expensive, ostentatious ones. Like in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when Paul engraves the ring from the CrackerJack box so that Holly could have something from her favorite store (*girlish sigh*).

Most people recognize how special the little things are, especially when they’re hand made! Instead of spending a fortune on overpriced roses this Valentine’s Day, write something special and fold it into a rose (or even a bouquet of sentimental rose-notes). Or, you could just say “I love you” everyday with ideas from these great books.

The Guide To American Money Folds (Island Heritage) by Jodi Fukumoto, has lots of cute things you can make including easy to follow directions on making roses! My favorite though, is the heart-ring that you can see pictured on the book’s cover. Kind of like a CrackerJack ring and just as sweet. Fukumoto is also the author of The Guide to Island Style Money Folds featuring 3 different kinds of Hawaiian flowers. You could do an entire arrangement!

And who says you can only use these books to fold money? (Although the money would probably be a bonus, especially when using large bills). Write a dozen love letters, two dozen poems… or just fold a pretty piece of paper. Fill the sink with them as a surprise in the morning, or better yet cover the bed with them.  🙂

Island Style Money Folds also has a whole section on folding various paper boxes… so if you really did spring for that necklace or cute ankle bracelet you could put it in something like that to throw her off (hint hint….).